Sample Layout

This is a graphic representation of the typical Online Entry page. We are not using the actual technology, but with this page you can see how Click-2-RunSM works with your web page.

The area with white background represents your typical web page.

This area, with a light grey background, represents the iframe on a static web page or the wrapper region of a dynamic (WordPress or other CMS) page.

The background in the application window would typically match the background of your web page because Click-2-RunSM looks to your site’s .CSS for appearance properties.

The iframe or wrapper should be no less than 475px in height and 650px wide. A larger area is fine, but any less will lead to undesirable scroll bars and word / column wraps in forms which may confuse the end user.

IMPORTANT! Please do not publish your Online Entries page until we have had a chance to review the ‘draft’. This way we can be sure all will be working properly when site visitors start accessing this portion of our mutual web page. Thank you.

Need the code for your club’s site? Request your custom code by e-mail through our Contact Zone.