Getting Started

The Click-2-RunSM Online Entry application is here to make your job easier, including the startup experience! Just send us this info and everything will be in place when the trial opens:

  1. If available, send us a copy of the event premium when you let us know you want Click-2-RunSM set up for the trial. . (Otherwise your Club Name, Event Dates, Venue, & Trial Location will be enough info to start the process).
  2. Send your webmaster’s e-mail address so we can supply them with the details to make Click-2-RunSM a part of your website. (Be sure your webmaster knows we’ll be contacting them and ask them to visit the For Webmasters page.)
  3. If you don’t already have an online payment account … we recommend PayPal:

We need your Business Name (login e-mail address)

We recommend the Website Payments Standard account, it provides all the necessary service for accepting entry fees.

With this info, we can do the necessary setup work and have all the pieces in place – usually within a couple of hours!