For Webmasters

Here’s the technical info that most people want to know nothing about, but every webmaster finds very helpful:

Click-2-RunSM utilizes one page on your site which should closely follow a standard page template in order to maintain consistent look & feel. Once you have your page built, it’s hands free for as long as the club uses our service.

We work through an <iframe> embedded on your page which points to our web servers and includes specific identifying information so our scripts are always ‘aware’ of what trials your club is hosting, and which events are currently open. If no trials are open our welcome message will preview upcoming events. We supply the code – you just copy & paste and that’s it!

To provide a consistent appearance with your site, we link our forms to your Cascading Style Sheet. Colors and fonts from your site will be carried over with little or no effort on your part. Occasionally webmasters may ask for the ability to customize – we will gladly provide you with class information as needed so that we produce the best possible integration.

Click here to see a representation of the typical Online Entries page.

Online Payment is handled directly at the PayPal site. When it’s time for the user to provide their sensitive financial information (Credit Card #, Bank Info for an e-check, or other online payment service info) we break them out of the i-frame and send them directly to the payment processor’s site via a secure connection. This way neither the club nor Enterprises has any exposure to the security of their private info.

Some clubs prefer to have a couple of post-payment ‘return pages’. This is completely optional, but if you would like to complete the online entry experience at your own site, we will be happy to embed those URLs when we hand off the visitor to the payment processor. You may see sample Paid and NoPay pages we use for NADAC Fun-Raisers by following the respective links.

Want to know more? Read About the Service.