About the Service

The Click-2-RunSM Online Entry application has been designed for simplicity, clarity, and ease-of-use. It can run on your website without your webmaster having to do a lot of coding or maintenance. Just one line of code gets you up and running … FOREVER! That’s right – no work on your side from trial to trial. Details about the technical side can be found on the For Webmasters page.

When a site visitor completes the entry process, they are immediately sent an e-mail containing Entry Verification, copy of the Legal Terms & Conditions, and Invoice for their entry fees. They are presented with the payment options you specify (PayPal, Google Checkout, and Pay by Mail are currently supported) and the site visitor can be seamlessly transitioned to a secure website to pay by Credit Card or e-check. For the protection of your clients, we never accept or store any sensitive financial information. We leave that to the payment processors who have proven technology to ensure the safest transactions possible.

At the same time that the exhibitor is finishing up, you are sent an e-mail notification of the entry submitted along with an Invoice number you can then use for auditing. That same Invoice number will appear on their paper invoice if they pay by mail OR in the e-mail notification from PayPal or Google Checkout. Easy to cross-reference! Oh, and those entry fees … we know that’s your money – that’s why it goes directly in to your account.

You have access to all entry information through a Username/Password protected Administrator’s page so you can do moveups or make other necessary changes prior to trial closing.

All this for a very reasonable flat fee and a one-time club setup charge. Want more? Ask – we can probably do it for you!