Click-2-Run Online Entries helps connect dog agility clubs and participants by offering on just about any website a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, Online Entry web application. Click-2-Run is accessible too! For a fraction of the cost which would come with developing such a program yourself and without paying a large percentage of your entry fees to a third-party administrator, even the smallest clubs and hobbyist Trial Secretaries can see real benefit. Quite simply, this is technology that pays for itself in time savings EVERY trial.

Whether you are frustrated by incorrect registration numbers, mistakes in jump heights, or the difficult situation created by checks that don’t clear, Click-2-Run can help.

Don’t have a website? No worries – we’ll even set up a page specifically for your events! One line of code on a page that follows your club’s template will get the job done. Click-2-Run can be implemented with pages created by the most popular site design tools, on hand-coded pages, or as a part of a CMS-driven site.

You receive immediate notification when a new entry is completed, the exhibitor receives an e-mail verification with their entry and invoice information, and you receive the entry fees almost instantly in your PayPal or Google Checkout account!

The secure Administration area of this website allows you to instantly see every Entry, Run Counts for each day of your trial, and allows you to download the data in a Catalog Spreadsheet or in the format which can be imported into your favorite Trial Secretary software.

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